Do you have planning related problems with your property?
If so, we can help.

  • Do you wish to object to a local planning application?
  • Do you wish to challenge the grant of planning permission?
  • Have you been using your property in breach of any planning conditions or have you been carrying out activities without any planning permission?
  • Have you been served with a Planning Contravention Notice or a Planning Enforcement Notice or are you being prosecuted for failure to comply with such a notice?
  • Are you being asked to enter into a planning agreement and required to make financial payments to the local authority?
  • Does your development need to be subject to an agreement for the adoption or improvement of the highway or do you need some of the highway to be stopped-up?
  • Is a public footpath or bridleway being claimed across your land or are you experiencing problems with such public rights of way across your land?

The late identification of a planning issue can be a very costly experience, so appropriate specialist advice at the outset can often avoid problems and large bills later on.

Justin Price-Jones is a specialist planning lawyer with more than 20 years’ experience, principally within local authorities.

He can provide clear practical advice and solutions to all your planning issues at competitive cost.

TELEPHONE: 01782 415007 or 07855 312772

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